Our design work for FREE Branding has been featured in an article on Free’s new website. The piece nicely highlights how our innovative design has helped transform their new space into a showpiece worthy of a beautiful building such as the Alberta Hotel. We love to hear about how our design is appreciated by those who “live” in the space. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Stylish details intertwine with functional elements, expressing our character and empowering people to work smarter. From the moment you step off the elevator, everything glows. Massive triple-glazed windows let the sun permeate from corner to corner, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere, even during winter. The muted grey and white palette exudes a quietly cool ambiance, with wood furniture and finishes adding a craftsmanlike vibe ….The design fuses openness and privacy, creating both quiet and collaborative nooks. Approachable workspaces invite us to cross departmental divides, while breakout rooms provide perfect meeting areas.

Read the full article here http://wearefree.ca/thought/new-office

Image credit: FREE Branding

Free Office 1 Free Office 2

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