Proficiency is as fundamental as creativity

Great design is about confident problem solving. It’s about creating an interior that functions seamlessly. But most of all, great design stems from a fundamental understanding of you—the way your company engages and connects with your space. That’s why our services are grounded in an immersive client experience. Our talented designers will lead you through our entire process, from concept to completion, decisively.

1 Pre Design

Interiors are a personal thing. And at Wolski, so is the design process. Our customized services can be extended to include the most complex aspects of your project, or kept as clean-cut and simple as possible.

That’s where the kick-off meeting comes in. This is where we delve deep into your team’s dynamics and culture. Here, we establish your company’s requirements, objectives and goals. We go over any workplace guidelines you have for the project, set timelines, crucial milestones, communication channels, roles and responsibilities.

Next, we perform a space audit, where we assess your interior’s needs—capacity, size and function. We conduct interviews and site surveys, inventory furnishings and work our keen observation skills. At this stage, we establish the planning principles, determine space relationships and prepare the area calculations and zoning diagrams.

Demographics, branding, culture and work style—these are the drivers that influence design from this point on. Working closely with your team, we help articulate your vision for the space’s overall aesthetic and ambiance.

2 Space Planning

A critical aspect of design, space plans serve as the basis for lease, purchase and high-level construction budgeting. As we prepare the layout, we take both workflows and circulation into account. We also take particular care to illustrate sightlines and ensure code compliance.

Our goal is to determine the most efficient and effective way to use your space, while injecting a dose of imagination and creativity in the process.

3 Design Concept

First impressions matter, especially in a commercial setting. In the design phase, we combine creative expression and functional features to make a space unforgettable. And it’s here, through sketches, renderings and modeling, that we share the conceptual vision.

You get the chance to experience the proposed materials, finishes and colours. Informed by what we’ve learned in consultation and planning, from LEED and socio-psychological factors to safety requirements, the initial design concept incorporates what’s possible.

4 Complete Design Services

After confirming the concept and budget, it’s time to finalize your new space. With the design approved, and the budget in the books, we’re ready to get going on the nitty gritty: contract documents for building permit, tender and construction.

Through close collaboration with your team, we’ll solidify your contract documentation. Detailed code analysis, construction drawings and specifications, elevations and details, material specifications, coordination with engineering drawings, furniture and equipment RFPs: here, everything comes together to create a complete design package.

5 Contract Administration

Now, we begin the tender process. From the initial call-to-tender, we help you select the best construction talent for your space, assessing each contractor’s bid for pricing and timelines. We’ll also gather final specs and assist with ordering the furniture and equipment.

Once your contractor is in place, construction and installation begin. As the project progresses, we’ll meet on a regular basis to review and inspect work, resolve issues and provide change documentation. All along, you’ll receive meeting minutes, which detail key decisions, and help to ensure everyone is always on the same page.

6 Finally, it’s time

After everything, nothing compares to the moment you step into your great new space.