Our fabulous team has once again delivered on a Festival of Trees submission that is magical (and the construction of which bordered on the slightly insane). Our “Totally Tubular Tree” won both a Bronze Award and a People’s Choice Award.   Our staff worked tirelessly after-hours and over lunches for more than a month to make this concept come together. The concept was to create a Christmas tree entirely of PVC pipes. A steel frame was custom-built, painted white and set into a lighted base.  PVC pipes were cut into specific lengths and glued one by one onto the frame using a heavy-duty gorilla glue (this was fun! not….). Brightly colored decorations and seasonal characters were added for a pop of colour and fun.

Big thanks goes to Brokel Stainless for crafting, painting and donating the steel frame and base.

The Festival of Trees is an annual fundraising event organized by the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation and over 2,000 volunteers from local businesses and sponsors. Proceeds from the 2014 Festival of Trees will support the purchase of a Gamma Knife, a technologically advanced device that enables surgeons to treat complex brain conditions with pinpoint accuracy without ever making an incision; patients are able to return home almost immediately after their procedure instead of the three-month recovery that comes with traditional open-brain surgery. The event is attended by more than 35,000 visitors.


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