Our design work for Jobber has been featured by Alberta Venture Magazine. We were pumped to be involved the development of such an exciting space. This type of office design – fun, laidback, quirky and catering to mobile and flexible work space –  is emerging as a new trend in Edmonton office space design.

The article nicely highlights Wolski’s involvement in the creation of a unique space that suits Jobber’s cool office vibe:

“The office oozes a sense of creativity and locality. Large windows and a skylight let in a natural glow; a giant mural by Edmonton artist Jill Stanton is splashed across the wall; and the all-glass boardrooms are filled with employees   vetoing traditional chairs for beanbags on the floor.”

The photos taken by Alberta Venture underline the innovative use of natural light vs. lighting and exposed ceilings to emphasize the rawness of the space.

“Edmonton-based Wolski Design Group rose to the challenge of creating good acoustics in a large, open space by interspersing ceiling panels among the exposed pipes”

Read the full article here http://albertaventure.com/2016/05/edmonton-companys-new-digs-tech-startups-dream/

Image credit: Alberta Venture


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